Father and Son – A day with Dad in London

father and son

As I have said in previous articles, British Fathers and Sons find it almost impossible to express affection. In recent years I have realized that spending time with your parents is terribly important.

The relationship with your parents is one you never fully understand until you are in its third evolution. When we are children (between birth and eight/nine we completely depend on our parents in every way and respect them). Most of us then enter the difficult stage as teenagers and treat our parents with different levels of respect! The majority of people enter a stage of rebellion against their parents as they enter their teenage years. We then enter our own periods of adulthood and we reestablish our relationship with our parents and more importantly realize the importance of it.

With the above in mind, I decided on my Father’s birthday to arrange day in London without our normal distraction of work and enjoy a personal day together.

Here the day in London:


Breakfast at St Pancras – Renaissance Hotel – The Booking Office

The restoration of this building is fabulous. A true gem in London and starting the day for breakfast here was the perfect hit.

Late breakfast meant we would skip lunch and wait for our early dinner reservation.

After breakfast then time for some culture and I would recommend the Churchill War Rooms.

Fantastic display of the original bunker occupied by Churchill and his government during the Second World War. It is a perfect father and son exhibition to visit.

A couple of historic spots to take a beer in London and enjoy watching the world go by!

The Coal Hole

Narrow bar on the heart of the Strand and a must stop for a pint!


Traditional restaurant in London with a tiny bar with great people watching to enjoy.


hotels in london

London dinner with Father

Wiltons Restaurant opened in the seventeen hundreds and many of the originals features and customs that still stand. Very old English and the perfect place to find a final dinner.

In conclusion, spending time with your parents is both important and for me, a rare treat these days. Don’t underestimate the importance of appreciating your parents.

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