Don’t Underestimate the Power of Your Jacket

the power of a jacket

As a good catholic English / Irish boy I was always taught that clothes don’t make the man. The harsh reality is, they do! New York attracts the best of the world’s population in every industry. Whatever profession you choose there is always somebody one step ahead, richer or more educated. That said, I truly believe that NYC is the land of opportunity. To seek those opportunities you must present yourself in the correct way.

You jacket / overcoat is your handshake, your signature and your first impression. Treat it with respect and make sure you make the correct choice!

Most of the people that see your image never speak with you and never have any interaction. Your overall outfit is all they will see.

First impressions mean everything in this every competitive world and your jacket is your signature piece. Get it right, investing in a handful of beautiful jackets will never be a bad move. 2 -3 colors will complement almost any outfit and have you looking sharp for every occasion.

A few tips:

ElGanso – The Spanish to the rescue

Burberry – True English elegance



How to Properly Layer Your Ensemble This Winter


One of the wonderful things I like about living in New York is the benefit we receive from four true seasons each year.  From a fashion perspective you have an array of opportunities to show your personal style in different ways.  It also allows you to experience the fashion of others as the seasons change.

As winter has arrived, it is vital for every gentleman residing in the North to understand the basic concepts of layering. This is especially true in New York, as we spend much our time outdoors, running between business lunches and cocktail hours, and must plan our attire in advance of the day.

What you choose to wear over your outfit to protect yourself from the weather is as important as what you wear underneath, as you may be wearing a perfectly tailored suit and hide it beneath an ill-fitting jacket or bulky scarf. To avoid this, you must understand how to properly layer your looks to create cohesion no matter the weather. Here are a few rules to follow regarding layering to guide you as the temperatures drop.

You should also note that your top layer is important.  Overcoats and jackets are the first thing that people see and they can say a significant amount about your personal style.  These are excellent examples of layering successfully.

Key fashion point when wearing a suit, your overcoat MUST be longer than your suit jacket or sports coat.

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Brooks Brothers Launches Great Gatsby Themed Collection

There has never been a better time to be a dapper gentleman. Following the success of the movie The Great Gatsby, Brooks Brothers has released a 1920s inspired collection of menswear centered on the idea of an elegant lifestyle.

brooks brothers great gatsby collection

Below I have chosen a few looks that I feel hit the mark and translate well, but what do you think of Brooks Brother’s execution?

brooks brothers great gatsby collection

Striped Regatta Blazer $798

 brooks brothers great gatsby collection

Ivory Linen Jacket $698 Continue reading