I wanted to take the time and spotlight a company that truly represents the American Dapper lifestyle. SKINNYFATTIES is a Brooklyn based online tie tailoring company here in New York City. You can send in any tie you already own to get altered to another size or even have one custom made to your liking!


They also have 100% American handmade tie clips made from recycles high quality wood! The founder Joshua Brueckner started the company in 2012 after tailoring his own ties from being sick of his old ones. He started SKINNYFATTIES as the first and currently ONLY tie tailoring company available online.

Melissa Howe

With every purchase you make on SKINNYFATTIES, a portion of the profits goes to Career Gear. CG helps build strong families and communities by empowering men who are low-income to overcome barriers and achieve self-sufficiency. If you are ever in need of a unique gift idea, snag a gift card from the guys at SF! It’s fun design will sure impress anyone who receives it.

Gift Cards

Lastly, Joshua was kind enough to provide a special 15% off discount to anyone who uses the code AMERICANDAPPER when they make a purchase any time between now and May 31st!  So get on over to and order an amazing custom made tie of your own.

– Jamie

The Dapper Man’s Guide to Weddings


As wedding season draws near, it’s time to take a look at all the do’s and don’ts of formal attire. Weddings can be tricky, but don’t be intimidated! These tips can help you get through the just about any wedding you could be attending.


The City Wedding

City weddings give more room for expression through accessorizing. Suits should be blue or grey or black and paired with classic white or a light blue dress shirt. As far as a dress shoe goes, go with an oxford or derby in brown if you aren’t wearing a black suit. A pocket square and tie is perfect for the occasion and you can choose a pattern or color you find compliments your suit best. Unique cufflinks are also a great way to add a little flair to your ensemble.


The Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are definitely the more relaxed of weddings. This is your chance to break out that linen suit you’ve always wanted to wear! Shades of grey and pale blue are completely acceptable while pairing it with a solid or small patterned dress shirt. You can get away with not wearing a tie or bow tie being that this is the most casual of weddings. Depending on which direction you want to go, you can chose a nice loafer or leather dress sandal. NOTE: Make sure you get a pedicure if you are exposing your feet in any way.


The Country Wedding

This is my favorite type of wedding being that I’m a country boy. Once again a suit in shades of blue and grey are perfect for the occasion. Depending on the groom, you may even get away with a fun color like pale yellow. Linen is fine, but I’d say stick with cotton for a more structured look. Have a little fun and grab a pair of suede dress shoes for the occasion. Country wedding gives you more room for creativity and won’t leave you feeling stiff. If you really want to make a statement, try a subtle floral print dress shirt under you suit. After all, country folk always love to be the talk of the town.


The Black Tie Wedding

This being the most strict on dress code, it leaves no room for error. If you don’t have a tuxedo, rent one. 3 piece tuxedos are your best way to go while pairing it with a black bow tie.


Final Tips

  • Make sure the suit is tailored to your body. Looking frumpy is not the way you want to go.
  • Always consult with the groom as to what he is wearing
  • Have fun! Weddings are meant to be a happy occasion and you don’t want to spend to much time stressing over it.


The Dapper Style of David Beckham


The world knows David Beckham as one of England’s most infamous football players as well as for his newest ventures into sleep/active wear for H&M. I’ve been eyeing his street style for quite some time and can’t recall ever seeing him not looking put-together.


Whether it be getting off of a red eye or walking the red carpet, David has always brought forth his best style and has been looked at as a bit of a men’s style icon. In 2002, David was named the “ultimate metrosexual” by the man who created the term himself. He has been sought out to represent numerous companies and well as some of the worlds greatest and highly respected fashion houses.


As well as being one of the worlds most fashionable British gents, he is also one of the most fashionable fathers! David and Victoria Beckham have three young dapper lads of their own and all have shown incredible style at such a young age. I’m sure Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz have a very bright and well dressed future ahead of them.


Next week I will be featuring another stylish male celebrity who has made his way across the pond. Stay Tuned!

– Jamie


How to Wear a Formal Jacket with Jeans

One of the trickier questions I am often asked about fashion has to do with mixing formal and casual looks. Oftentimes you may have a favorite formal jacket that fits you perfectly, yet are rarely able to find the occasion to wear it.

formal jacket with jeans

Pairing this jacket with a pair of jeans may have never occurred to you, however it is the simplest way to tone down the formality of the jacket, as long as you abide by these simple rules.

Solid jeans only. Any holes, whiskers, or outlandish dyes will contradict too sharply with the sharpness of the coat.

Length and fit are crucial. If you are going to pair a formal jacket with jeans, make sure they fit you impeccably in the crotch and seat, and that the break of the pants is perfect, and not too long.

If at all possible, don’t wear visible socks. Forgoing your socks is the easiest way to make this appear easy and effortless, which is what this is about. If you will be wearing monk-straps, or shoes fashioned of a more structured leather, you can wear short foot-socks that are invisible to the casual onlooker or judgmental fashionista.

A Gentleman’s Style Etiquette Guide for Every Occasion

Not every gentleman is born with the knowledge of how to dress for every occasion.

This American style guide is an ideal way to prepare for your chosen event.  It is important to not only look smart, you must also feel smart.   Looking and feeling dapper sets you up for a successful experience.  We will compare this with an English guide in the coming weeks.

dressing etiquette style guide

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