A Gentleman’s Decor: Embrace Fresh Flowers

Every gentleman should embrace fresh flowers in their life.

mens decor fresh flowers

Since I was a child I have always been exposed to flowers. Since setting up my own home I try to have fresh flowers in my apartment all the time. Most men resist the inclusion of flowers in their life as they feel they are too feminine or they will tarnish their masculine reputation.

Waking each day and seeing flowers always make me smile. Different flowers remind me of different occasion and times in my life. Lilies in my apartment always remind me of my grandmother, while hydrangeas remind me of my mother.

Buying / Receiving flowers are spectacular for any occasion. If you are arriving for dinner, furnishing your host with flowers will never disappoint. Learn their likes and dislikes over time and take note of flowers you have seen in their apartment so you may arrive with them on your next visit. Understand their origins, if they are Dutch, bring tulips when they are in season, if they are English bring them roses.

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Remember rose color rules, don’t bring red roses for your mother. Red roses are for your loved one and there is no greater gift than a spontaneous offering. Red roses on a rainy Tuesday are the perfect gift to send or receive.

Ode à la Rose, provide great flowers in New York. The personal touches they offer are outstanding. Delivery by bike, rose petals in the top of the box and one rose exposed making you order of 12, 13 or your order of 24, 25.

Give flowers a chance!

mens decor fresh flowers


mens decor fresh flowers

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