New York: Excellent Winter Restaurant Choices

I wanted to write a little about some key restaurants that I took refuge in over the holidays. New York has so many options, however there are some that continue to blow my mind when it comes to food atmosphere and quality.

nyc restaurants


This is simply a west village Gem. Situated on the delightful Commerce Street you step back into the Art Deco period. Caution: it gets very crowded and the service is not perfect, however you simply can’t go wrong with the food. Any occasion, with you mother, boyfriend or girlfriend, or just hanging out, Commerce is the perfect spot! Try the Devil Eggs, Avocado Toast and the Truffle Chicken!

nyc restaurants


Formal, inviting and one step away from a Michelin star, this is a high-end restaurant and must be tried. Piora is a tiny spot in a town house on Hudson Street.

The food, presentation and staff are excellent. The menu is limited, however the dishes are always in top form. Try the monkey bread whilst you are looking at the menu and finish with a banana rum at the end of the night. I will leave the rest to you and you will not be disappointed.

nyc restaurants


Alert for all cheese lovers loving in New York: this is a hidden spot with great drinks and as much cheese as you can consume, hidden in the basement of the cheese shop on the corner of 20th street and Broadway.

A dark and vibrant atmosphere with the occasional hum of a passing subway, this is the perfect date spot. Beware there menu is limited and not a good option for non cheese lovers.