The Twenty Lunch Experience

With the New Year upon us, I felt compelled to give something back to the community following the holiday season.

homeless in new york

A small group decided that a good place to start would be with the homeless and Hungry on New York City’s streets. We all (myself included) rush around New York taking care of our own lives we fail to see the number of people sitting in doorways and parks going Hungry on a day to basis, so we packed twenty lunches and went around NYC passing them out to the hungry.

Packing twenty lunches and hitting the streets was a true eye opener.

A few interesting points:

  • Firstly, I had no idea how many people were hungry and needing support
  • The individuals were both men and women aged from twenties to their sixties
  • Everybody inquired to the contents of the lunch and wanted to understand what superficially was available
  • People, although they were sitting in a doorway offered what little money they had to make a donation!
  • One guy actually informed me he could not eat my turkey sandwich as although homeless tries to live a vegetarian life. Shocked, he concluded by taking the lunch and informing me he would eat everything else and pass the sandwich to somebody else who was hungry that would eat it.

At the end of the twenty lunch experience we felt like we had done a small piece to help the twenty individuals. Small acts like this were well-received and by taking a minute to stop and look who is present in the streets we race through it really opened my eyes as to how fortunate we are.

We will be continuing to do this on a monthly basis and I will report on our experiences.

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