Don’t Underestimate the Power of Your Jacket

the power of a jacket

As a good catholic English / Irish boy I was always taught that clothes don’t make the man. The harsh reality is, they do! New York attracts the best of the world’s population in every industry. Whatever profession you choose there is always somebody one step ahead, richer or more educated. That said, I truly believe that NYC is the land of opportunity. To seek those opportunities you must present yourself in the correct way.

You jacket / overcoat is your handshake, your signature and your first impression. Treat it with respect and make sure you make the correct choice!

Most of the people that see your image never speak with you and never have any interaction. Your overall outfit is all they will see.

First impressions mean everything in this every competitive world and your jacket is your signature piece. Get it right, investing in a handful of beautiful jackets will never be a bad move. 2 -3 colors will complement almost any outfit and have you looking sharp for every occasion.

A few tips:

ElGanso – The Spanish to the rescue

Burberry – True English elegance



Weekend in the Hamptons: What to Wear in the Evening

The summer is now in full swing and for most New Yorkers that means either the Hamptons or Fire Island for multiple weekends. The big question is what to wear in the evening?

what to wear in the hamptons

My life is dominated by blazers of all colors and styles. There are few occasion that I feel a blazer doesn’t work!

The key question is how bold can you be with color and style? The examples above are about as bold as it can get for me (slightly conservative English boy), that said with the correct additions it works perfectly.

The first, light grey and blue create the perfect combination. The look is conservative and creates an elegant hot look.

The Second, the blend of the tee-shirt and blazer makes it perfectly casual.

The final, BOLD and the perfect Brooklyn Boy style!

For all, White pants are never a mistake, just the challenge of keeping them clean. Pocket squares are the secret of any well-dressed gent.

For the extra trendy you can combine any of these with shorts. That said proceed with caution as this can kill the entire look for some people. If you are looking for something a little safer then stick to a white or light blue pant.

For cool summer blazers check out Gant. Gant is not the cheapest option, however the style and quality are great. The sales tend to see them discounted to half price (currently active).

How to Wear a Blazer in the Summer

blazers during summer

Being a European, it is difficult to imagine life without a blazer. But if you are attending a formal event or shopping in Soho, you may ask yourself how you can you manage the summer heat whilst still looking stylish in a blazer?

The Blazer should feature in anybody’s wardrobe and can be worn at any time of the year. Here are some tips on how to keep cool in the summer:


If Linen is well kept (beware of it looking weathered and like you have had it in your pocket for a few weeks) it can provide the perfect casual or smart jacket for the summer. If you are going for a formal look, head for the dark colors, and if going for a casual afternoon, go for the lighter option.

There are many colors available for any occasion. For added style, a casual silk pocket square will add that final touch. Remember, you don’t need to follow the rules of pocket squares (per my earlier article) just pop it in and the casual look will be perfect!


Most people are closer to blazers with shirts (myself included). During the summer don’t hesitate to try plain colored tee-shirts under a blazer! It is a cool (meaning keeping cool and also a cool (trendy) way to rock your blazer in the summer).

Caution, avoid colored tee-shirts the look is too casual for a blazer.

blazers during summer

As always Massimo never disappoints. Elegant and stylish whilst keeping tn cool for the summer. If a meeting with your CEO or your bank manager how can you go wrong?


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White Shoes and How to Wear Them

One Direction Wax Figures At The Today Show

So many people have told me they are too afraid of wearing white shoes because of the maintenance. Wearing them out once and you come home with scuffs and dirt marks. I once shared this fear and stayed far away from all white shoes. But like most people, my opinion changed. I went out and bought my first pair of all white canvas Converses.


Stars like David Beckham and the boys of One Direction have been seen sporting all white sneakers for some time now and I can agree they look pretty awesome doing so. White sneakers can add a touch of style you didn’t even realize was missing from your outfit. Some people really love to distress their white shoes to give them the “lived in” look, but I am a fan of crisp and clean. You can wear them with suits or with something as simple as a white shirt and dark denim. The versatility of this style must have really has no limits. One trick I’ve learned with my white shoes is to wash them! Throw them in with a load of whites and run on gentle and they will look good as new in no time.


If you decide on white leather or something that isn’t canvas for your white shoe, make sure and give them a good polish at the end of the day. Maintenance and proper care is key, gentleman.



Summer Style Spotlight: Shorts


It’s finally time to let your legs breathe now that we are heading into much warmer spring and summer weather. A lot of men have trouble deciding on the appropriate style and length of shorts that works best for them. This style spotlight will give a few tips on how to make your decision a little easier.


  • DO not be afraid of shorts that hit above the knee
  • DON’T wear capris. They look bad on almost everyone.
  • DO embrace bold prints and floral patterns
  • DON’T wear baggy cargo shorts. You aren’t in high school anymore, gentlemen.
  • DO dress up the shorts with a nice shirt and blazer.
  • DON’T be scared to wear bright colors! When paired well, it can look awesome.
  • DO get pants tailored into shorts. I get bored with denim and pants come summer and take them to get tailored. It’s like getting a brand new piece!




The Dapper Man’s Guide to Weddings


As wedding season draws near, it’s time to take a look at all the do’s and don’ts of formal attire. Weddings can be tricky, but don’t be intimidated! These tips can help you get through the just about any wedding you could be attending.


The City Wedding

City weddings give more room for expression through accessorizing. Suits should be blue or grey or black and paired with classic white or a light blue dress shirt. As far as a dress shoe goes, go with an oxford or derby in brown if you aren’t wearing a black suit. A pocket square and tie is perfect for the occasion and you can choose a pattern or color you find compliments your suit best. Unique cufflinks are also a great way to add a little flair to your ensemble.


The Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are definitely the more relaxed of weddings. This is your chance to break out that linen suit you’ve always wanted to wear! Shades of grey and pale blue are completely acceptable while pairing it with a solid or small patterned dress shirt. You can get away with not wearing a tie or bow tie being that this is the most casual of weddings. Depending on which direction you want to go, you can chose a nice loafer or leather dress sandal. NOTE: Make sure you get a pedicure if you are exposing your feet in any way.


The Country Wedding

This is my favorite type of wedding being that I’m a country boy. Once again a suit in shades of blue and grey are perfect for the occasion. Depending on the groom, you may even get away with a fun color like pale yellow. Linen is fine, but I’d say stick with cotton for a more structured look. Have a little fun and grab a pair of suede dress shoes for the occasion. Country wedding gives you more room for creativity and won’t leave you feeling stiff. If you really want to make a statement, try a subtle floral print dress shirt under you suit. After all, country folk always love to be the talk of the town.


The Black Tie Wedding

This being the most strict on dress code, it leaves no room for error. If you don’t have a tuxedo, rent one. 3 piece tuxedos are your best way to go while pairing it with a black bow tie.


Final Tips

  • Make sure the suit is tailored to your body. Looking frumpy is not the way you want to go.
  • Always consult with the groom as to what he is wearing
  • Have fun! Weddings are meant to be a happy occasion and you don’t want to spend to much time stressing over it.


The Great Style of Gatsby


The 1920’s was a time for great decadence, lavish parties and incredible style. Men and women took great pride in looking their best and showing it off as often as possible. In 1925, author F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote a novel called The Great Gatsby. Gatsby told the story of a mysterious millionaire and his obsession over the lovely Daisy Buchanan. Only selling 20,000 copies it’s first year, Fitzgerald considered the book a failure and died thinking that in 1940. It had a revival during WW2 and is now considered one of the few great american novels.


Gatsby has been adapted to screen a total of 6 times and inspired huge trends in the fashion world as of late. In 2013 director Baz Luhrmann brought the most glamorous adaptation of the story to life. Inspired by Luhrmanns vision, Brooks Brothers did an entire exclusive line based on the fashions from the movie.


You can get the 1920’s Gatsby look with these key items.

  • One toned or striped button-ups
  • relaxed cotton chinos
  • bow ties
  • Two tone brogues
  • double breasted cardigans
  • pinstripe suit
  • suspenders



In the end, this style isn’t just about wearing the clothes. You need to have the confidence and cool that the gentlemen had in the “Roaring” twenties. The trends of the past are back and I am ready to embrace it in the present and future.

“Can’t repeat the past?…Why of course you can!”
― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby