Don’t Underestimate the Power of Your Jacket

the power of a jacket

As a good catholic English / Irish boy I was always taught that clothes don’t make the man. The harsh reality is, they do! New York attracts the best of the world’s population in every industry. Whatever profession you choose there is always somebody one step ahead, richer or more educated. That said, I truly believe that NYC is the land of opportunity. To seek those opportunities you must present yourself in the correct way.

You jacket / overcoat is your handshake, your signature and your first impression. Treat it with respect and make sure you make the correct choice!

Most of the people that see your image never speak with you and never have any interaction. Your overall outfit is all they will see.

First impressions mean everything in this every competitive world and your jacket is your signature piece. Get it right, investing in a handful of beautiful jackets will never be a bad move. 2 -3 colors will complement almost any outfit and have you looking sharp for every occasion.

A few tips:

ElGanso – The Spanish to the rescue

Burberry – True English elegance



Same Sex Couples in Marketing

same sex marketing

Recently while strolling along the streets of the city, I was delighted to see two recent examples of same sex marketing. Whilst I realize that New York is, perhaps, one of the most accepting places to live (from a gay perspective) in the world I was still delighted to see two large U.S. organizations using gay couples in their advertising.

Aside from the fact that there are a plethora of stunning gay couples to choose from, I feel it addresses the acceptance of gay couples in a delightful way. Banana Republic ran the advert below and I felt it displayed gay lifestyle and unions in a very everyday way. Each day I walked past the store I was reminded of how accepted the issue is.

With gay marriage/unions on the agenda around the world, either we see counties threatening imprisonment and death or more countries accepting this what should be a non-issue.

During a comedian’s set, I once heard the statement ‘I have no idea why some people have such an issue with gay marriage, it is not like it is compulsory’. This is such a powerful statement and we must applaud companies like Tiffany and Banana Republic for posting the adverts below and above (one relaxing in the park and the other announcing the engagement of a same sex couple).

When considered, marketing in this way is very smart for corporations! You have a huge market in this sector with people willing to spend on many of the items these companies have to offer.

I sincerely hope to see more companies follow this approach in the coming years.

same sex marketing

How to Find Good Sportswear

Moving to New York City presents you with a challenge of where to keep fit. Given the harsh seasons it can often be too hot or too cold to run outside, thus you are left with the Gym. Like everything in New York the price is high and the completion is intense!

good sportswear

The key question is how to look the part! Good sportswear is difficult to find in any sense of style no matter what the season. One advantage the harsh New York winter brings is a few high street fashion brands creating sportswear with style at a reasonable cost.

I recently discovered Club Monaco’s limited but excellent outerwear section. The fusion of fabrics is very unusual and creates a unique style. The Scuba Sweatshirt below retails at $149 and with their 20% discount will have you looking perfect in any Gym for $129!!

Yes or No: Mobile Phones on Your Belt

Absolutely Not!

Cell Phone - Belt

Guys, anybody with the slightest fashion sense knows that this must not
happen.  I appreciate it is practical, however it does not look good or do anything for the
modern well-dressed man.  It almost seems to be a growing trend in New York.  Over the last
few weeks I have seen many examples of this in both young and more mature men in London
and New York.

Cell Phone - Belt
I appreciate that we have reached a point were cell phones seem to be getting larger by the day, there are still options beyond the belt loop.
Avoid, avoid at all costs!

Fashion Oriented Eyewear at a Reasonable Price

warby parker

Created out of a business school initiative in 2010, Warby Parker filled a gap in the eye wear market perfectly. If you are looking for up to the minute fashion glasses or sunglasses you really have the perfect one stop shop with Warby.

Living in New York, you have access to several trendy Warby boutiques that allow you to browse many option with friendly staff providing good tips on the style suited for your face. That said, their principal business model is an online business. The website allows you to upload your picture and see the various options virtually. A simple upload of your certified prescription and you are all set.

Both glasses and sunglasses range for $95 – $150 including lenses and delivery. Ordering online or in the store will have a small package arriving at your address of choice within 5 working days.

Added bonus, you receive a note in your package informing you that for every pair of glasses sold a pair is also sent to a person in need of glasses

I have personal being wearing glasses for the last ten years. The costs of glasses can be astronomical and given my personal ability to lose everything I have been looking for a stylish, yet cheaper version.

I have been using Warby parker for the last couple of seasons and they offer, quality, charity, fashion and efficiency; where can you go wrong.

Check them out on line or in store if you are located in the following cities:

  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • A, California
  • Dallas, Texas
  • NY, New York

There are also collections stocked with larger department stores in other locations.

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Burberry – A Timeless Classic for Fall

burberry coat

As fall approaches it is time to either reach for your classic pieces or restock before the winter starts to bite. As an English man I am possibly more drawn to Burberry than most. That said, the timeless nature of Burberry’s products (especially the mac and trench coats) are undeniable.

Every collection fails to disappoint and there is something for every style, from the traditional gentleman approach to hip and trendy.

burberry coat

All Burberry products are excellent quality and will last you many years. My first Burberry woolen trench is almost a decade old and is still serving me well through New York’s delightful winters. Whilst some of the more extreme designs will have you strolling New York looking like a Soviet solider (or whatever the current extreme trend happens to be), the majority will simply reinvent themselves every winter. As I often say building a collection over several years is the perfect option for Burberry. I am not suggesting filling your closets with several options in one year as Burberry (especially in the U.S.) is not a particularly economical option.

Dig deep once a year and build your collection over time. Avoid the military or current year extreme options as it is likely that next year it will remain at the very back of the closet (unless you are happy with one season wear, of course).

One final point, due to the elegance of their products, most of their overcoats can be used in a casual and formal settings. Try mixing up the formal with a tee-shirt and jeans and you create a wonderful coffee shop look for lazy Saturday morning. Slip it over your suit for the office and you create a timeless British look which can’t fail but to impress.

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A Gentleman’s Guide: How to Wear Your Tie

How should you be wearing your tie?

Guys this is extremely important: When arranging your attire in the morning, one thing you must get right is your tie! I often cringe when looking at the way men wear their ties in the city. First, it is important to pick the correct tie for the outfit and then wear it in the right way:

Tie Length

Ties should be tight to your top button and they should touch the top of your belt. They should not hide your belt of dangle over your fly! Check your tie as you leave each day, and if it is not correct then stop, adjust, and get on with your day.

Tie how to

Your tie has two parts

For some reason unknown to me, people seem to forget that when you have tied your tie, there is the part you would like to remain visible and the remaining part that should be hidden! Every Tie I have ever owned provides a simple solution. The loop on the back of the tie is intended to hold the portion you wish to remain out of sight. Stop, check, tuck and get on with your day. Having both ends of your tie flying all over the place is not a good look.

Tie how to

Where should I buy my Ties?

As a modern business guy I find ties less and less common. That said, there are times when they are required and they always add that level of elegance. As ties are now becoming less and less of an everyday requirement, I think investing in fine ties is the best option. You can build a collection over time and for a modern man they make the perfect gift and prevent your loved one searching for something to buy you. Starting at the top of the tree Hermes never disappoints!

Louis Vuitton also offers a slightly cheaper option. I have had Louis ties for ten years and they are still going strong. As I often say, quality lasts.

A cheaper option with great class and a little lower quality is J Crew. They have a great collection each year and they won’t break the bank!