Have We Forgotten How to Be Gentlemen?

being a gentleman

When did Men forget to be gentlemen? I know the world is changing and I of course support that men and women are absolutely equal. That said, there is nothing wrong with respecting the good elements of tradition.

It amazes me that men so frequently disregard basic manners. Holding the door, standing when a lady enters the room, why did these traditions die?

Guys, there is nothing wrong with holding the door, helping somebody with their coat.

Moving on from your girlfriends, why can’t we show respect our elders? Recently I interacted with an elderly lady in Trader Joes by offering a helping hand as she battled with her shopping baskets. A smile and a hand of assistance is the simplest thing to give and is always so handsomely received.

Guys, step outside your comfort zone and be a gentlemen.

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