An English Perspective: Locker Room Etiquette

locker room men

I recently joined a new GYM in New York and having been used to Boutique class driven fitness, historically I rarely used the locker room. I would attend the class and head home. Now I tend to workout, go to the steam room and then get ready before heading to the office each morning

Having joined Equinox  I am amazed at the lack of Etiquette in the locker room and steam room.

It seems that the people that are willing to swing around the locker room freely are not the ones that look like the below, more the men who should be keeping as much as possible hidden!

Why do Men feel free to walk around without a care for anybody else or how hideous they look!

As a man with a reasonable body (not the above) I am naked for the minimal amount of time possible. When pulling my underwear up under my towel, the towel occasional slides and reveals some element of my personal side for no more than a second.

What drives men to walk around with everything hanging and swinging around? I recently was asked by a naked guy for the time! Being English I obliged and answered his questions, however screaming inside me what not the time, simply to say ‘TIME TO PUT YOUR FUCKING PANTS ON’. Hair drying your personal areas, creaming your naked body with your leg on the bench, I could go on.

If that is not enough we then move to the steam room. I understand this is an opportunity to allow all your body to breath. That said, there is no reason to be completely naked. Whilst others are relaxing we don’t want to see your steamed crown jewels on the stone bench!

In summary, the towels are there for a reason and you are not missing anything by keeping it on.

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