The absolute elegance and timeless beauty of S.T.Dupont – Paris

dupont lighters

I am not a heavy smoker, however I do enjoy a cigar with friends over whiskey from time to time. Following a recent European trip I simply fell in love with a vintage DuPont lighter I was handed whilst asking for a light outside of a club (common practice in Europe).

Having sourced three models since my trip, it is clear that their products are outstanding. The S.T.Dupont lighter is excellence without equal, with its famous “cling” when opened instantly recognized by those in the know.

There are two key styles in production. The four below show the historic design of the famous lighter. The gold and silver options are my personal favorite. Even though we are looking at a brand spanning over a century they are diversifying to produce products for all tastes.

dupont lighters


The models vary in price and the gold and silver models naturally can carry a heavy price tag. Many of my articles refer to building a collection over a life time and that is never more relevant than here.

I am certainly not suggesting you become an every day smoker, however to recieve a Dupont is an exceptional gift and something that any gentleman would appreciate for many years and potentially a life time.

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