Burberry – A Timeless Classic for Fall

burberry coat

As fall approaches it is time to either reach for your classic pieces or restock before the winter starts to bite. As an English man I am possibly more drawn to Burberry than most. That said, the timeless nature of Burberry’s products (especially the mac and trench coats) are undeniable.

Every collection fails to disappoint and there is something for every style, from the traditional gentleman approach to hip and trendy.

burberry coat

All Burberry products are excellent quality and will last you many years. My first Burberry woolen trench is almost a decade old and is still serving me well through New York’s delightful winters. Whilst some of the more extreme designs will have you strolling New York looking like a Soviet solider (or whatever the current extreme trend happens to be), the majority will simply reinvent themselves every winter. As I often say building a collection over several years is the perfect option for Burberry. I am not suggesting filling your closets with several options in one year as Burberry (especially in the U.S.) is not a particularly economical option.

Dig deep once a year and build your collection over time. Avoid the military or current year extreme options as it is likely that next year it will remain at the very back of the closet (unless you are happy with one season wear, of course).

One final point, due to the elegance of their products, most of their overcoats can be used in a casual and formal settings. Try mixing up the formal with a tee-shirt and jeans and you create a wonderful coffee shop look for lazy Saturday morning. Slip it over your suit for the office and you create a timeless British look which can’t fail but to impress.

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