London – The City I left Behind

For anyone who has not yet traveled to the great city of London I would recommend you do so sooner rather than later.

How to get there?

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class is the way to travel. Several direct flights from New York to London daily will have you arriving perfectly, slightly intoxicated, full of food, rested and ready to explore London.

visiting london

Where to say?

There are so many options in London and to narrow it to two is very hard. Two very different options:

Home House

A Private club that sits in the heart of Mayfair. Much like stepping back in time to a classical time in London’s history. The three town houses converted in to two traditional houses and one modern house. There are limited bedrooms and you should book early. Much like staying at Downtown Abbey I suggest you opt for the Lady Islington Suite.

visiting london

visiting london

The house offers a glorious court yard garden, a formal restaurant, drawing rooms for meetings and to relax, a small Gym, and a nightclub all just steps away from Mayfair.

Corinthia Hotel

A jewel in London’s hotel scene. This is a building that has been transformed from a Whitehall Palace to an outstanding hotel. The renovation has restored the building to its absolute glory with service that can match anything in London. The bar, the restaurant, the health club and the rooms are stunning. Check out the themed suites for a level of luxury that will leave you simply wanting more.

visiting london

visiting london

visiting london

Where to Eat?

Many people slate British cooking. Two options to change your mind:

The Ivy

A very famous restaurant in London. The old world design and traditional food is a must. The staff are excellent and if it is a pre-theatre dinner or a late night supper it is the perfect choice. Reservations can be a challenge and it is not too easy on the wallet.


Hidden in Soho in a tiny house with intimate dining rooms with a very elegant unmarked entrance. Romantic and decedent. The tasting menu is the way to go. The pace of the dinner is very slow, however perfect for a special dinner.

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