A Gentleman’s Guide: How to Wear Your Tie

How should you be wearing your tie?

Guys this is extremely important: When arranging your attire in the morning, one thing you must get right is your tie! I often cringe when looking at the way men wear their ties in the city. First, it is important to pick the correct tie for the outfit and then wear it in the right way:

Tie Length

Ties should be tight to your top button and they should touch the top of your belt. They should not hide your belt of dangle over your fly! Check your tie as you leave each day, and if it is not correct then stop, adjust, and get on with your day.

Tie how to

Your tie has two parts

For some reason unknown to me, people seem to forget that when you have tied your tie, there is the part you would like to remain visible and the remaining part that should be hidden! Every Tie I have ever owned provides a simple solution. The loop on the back of the tie is intended to hold the portion you wish to remain out of sight. Stop, check, tuck and get on with your day. Having both ends of your tie flying all over the place is not a good look.

Tie how to

Where should I buy my Ties?

As a modern business guy I find ties less and less common. That said, there are times when they are required and they always add that level of elegance. As ties are now becoming less and less of an everyday requirement, I think investing in fine ties is the best option. You can build a collection over time and for a modern man they make the perfect gift and prevent your loved one searching for something to buy you. Starting at the top of the tree Hermes never disappoints!

Louis Vuitton also offers a slightly cheaper option. I have had Louis ties for ten years and they are still going strong. As I often say, quality lasts.

A cheaper option with great class and a little lower quality is J Crew. They have a great collection each year and they won’t break the bank!



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