Jack Wills: Happy Arrival in the U.S.

British Retailer Jack Wills has expanded to the United States.

jack wills opens in the US

For all the Brits in the U.S. I assume you will be pleased to find Jack Wills stores popping up all over the East Coast. Mainly to be found in New England (with a few exceptions), but surprisingly not yet open in New York. Having spoken with a charming English lady in the Boston store on Newbury Street, it is expected soon!

What is Jack Wills? I would say it is the English equivalent of J Crew and allows you to achieve the perfect preppy look from a British Brand. The stores are like an old boys club, full of English charm. They do a great selection for Men and women and a small amount of home accessories too. As the brand is relatively new to the U.S. the sales are particular good. Shirts at full price come in under $100 and you can cut those prices in half during the sales.

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The collection can provide anything from Beach wear to a smart casual approach. They do provide limited formal attire, however it will not deliver a truly polished formal look.

Jack Wills is one to try to create a good European look with a Brand that is just finding its feet.

jack wills opening


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