Summer Travel Addition – A Day in Nantucket

Things to do and see while visiting Nantucket.

visiting nantucket

Moving to America in 2010 presented a plethora of places to visit. I had longed to visit Nantucket to experience what many describe as the nicest place to visit on the east coast. I was invited by a summer resident and hopped on the ferry from Hyannis . Just an hour on the high speed gets you there and back for $50. Be prepared in the summer and make a reservation, arriving at the ferry on the day won’t guarantee a spot during peak times!

Nantucket is a delight from a travel perspective. The towns and homes are full of charm and to stroll around is both peaceful and beautiful. The items for sale tend to be tourist related or some highly priced interior design pieces. Not a great place to shop for clothes, however a wonderful afternoon wandering around the cobbled streets. The property prices are fabulously expensive. The real estate is idyllic and an absolute retreat from the hectic life of New York City.

Where to stay

visiting nantucket

Check out the Wauwinet hotel as it is like stepping back in time. At least $500 a night is a little restrictive! That said a gin and Tonic in the bar or a light lunch is a definite option.

Where to Lunch

The summer side Beachside Bistro is a lovely spot. A nice lunch looking over the ocean with great service.


The island is not huge and a great way to see it is on a bicycle. Many tourists do this and the traffic is very calm and it’s easy to navigate. No traffic signals, helpful divers, bike lanes and a trusted stop sign system means you will be all set.

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