Weekend in the Hamptons: What to Wear in the Evening

The summer is now in full swing and for most New Yorkers that means either the Hamptons or Fire Island for multiple weekends. The big question is what to wear in the evening?

what to wear in the hamptons

My life is dominated by blazers of all colors and styles. There are few occasion that I feel a blazer doesn’t work!

The key question is how bold can you be with color and style? The examples above are about as bold as it can get for me (slightly conservative English boy), that said with the correct additions it works perfectly.

The first, light grey and blue create the perfect combination. The look is conservative and creates an elegant hot look.

The Second, the blend of the tee-shirt and blazer makes it perfectly casual.

The final, BOLD and the perfect Brooklyn Boy style!

For all, White pants are never a mistake, just the challenge of keeping them clean. Pocket squares are the secret of any well-dressed gent.

For the extra trendy you can combine any of these with shorts. That said proceed with caution as this can kill the entire look for some people. If you are looking for something a little safer then stick to a white or light blue pant.

For cool summer blazers check out Gant. Gant is not the cheapest option, however the style and quality are great. The sales tend to see them discounted to half price (currently active).


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