Weekend in the Hamptons: What to Wear to the Beach

The summer is now in full swing and for most New Yorkers that means either the Hamptons or Fire Island for multiple weekends. The big question is what to wear? 

what to wear in the hamptons

Vilebrequin shorts are timeless classics. The shorts are amazing and come in many different styles. I have been buying from Vllebrequin for many years and the quality and design is exceptional. They are a must buy for any trip to the beach. The style will last for years and the quality allows you to enjoy them for many summer seasons. Added bonus, they come in father and son (as shown below) and they are adorable, but not cheap.

Quality never is!

A price tag ranging from $300-$400 will get you a great pair, but just remember you are making an investment for many summers to come!

Build up your collection over a numbers of year and you will have your private Vilebrequin closet collection.

Hamptons Weekend Tip:

Check out an early class at Soul Cycle to get you day off to a good healthy start.

Follow your spin with Coffee at Sag Town Cafe.


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