Men’s Shopping Guide: Summer in Madrid

I have been making semi-annual trips to Madrid for about the last decade. Apart from excellent friends, great food, and culture I find the fashion and shopping exceptional. As an English Man in New York I often try to find European designers that can’t be found in the U.S. Madrid has an array of small boutique stores offering marvelous things for any European or American. The prices are reasonable and the fashion is very different from anything you can source in New York.

A couple of my personal favorites:

mens shopping in madrid


Bow Tie is a Spanish store based on old English Fashion. They hand make shoes of many varieties. I personally like the slippers that come in many designs for men and women. Over the years I have collected several pairs and I wear them with everything from formal suits to shorts. I always receive compliments, and it is a sure stop of point for any trip to Madrid. Prices range from €100-€300 a pair.

The quality and the style cannot really be matched. There are brands in the U.S. doing similar options, however they are much more expensive.

Bow-Tie only has stores in Spain and having items shipped is complex. For the more conservative they do excellent formal shoes for the lounge suit or for something more casual on a day-to-day basis.


mens shopping in madrid


Loewe can only be described as the very best of brands. Whilst in Madrid I made my first purchases at Loewe. The leather is simply outstanding. I have never experienced such leather in my life.

Brief Case – I have been looking for a briefcase for the office for many years. I really wanted something that was simple and could last me a working life time. For many years I had considered going for the Hermes classical case, however at €5,000 I have never been able to make the move! Whilst Loewe is far from cheap the quality and style of the brief case is simply timeless. Outstanding workman ship and I will carry this with me for many years to come.

Loewe is not an everyday shop unless you are very wealthy, that said, the occasional piece is simply stunning.

Leather Jacket – The second piece I bought was the dark blue Leather jacket. The design is simple and I love waist length jackets. I bought a biker jacket from Ralph Lauren back label a few years ago and fell in Love with the style. The quality of the leather on the Loewe jacket is simply outstanding. The design is sleek, the color unique and I don’t think the quality can be matched by any brand.

I will return to Loewe on my trips to Madrid. I am not sure how often I will buy as the price tag is very high. I think it is worth the money for quality. The quality will allow me to keep these two items for a long time and I truly believe the leather will get better with age.

mens shopping in madrid


Finally, I am happy to report a wonderful new addition to Madrid! TENKEY is a relatively new store in Madrid and offers a number of great options. During my last two trips I have bought quite a few items. The shirts have exceptional detail, the jumpers unique and the hoodies are excellent quality and a great style. I was stopped twice in NYC to ask the brand! This is often the case when wearing Spanish Brands, Unique in New York.

This is a must to add to your Madrid list!

They don’t appear to have a website at the moment. An in person visit is therefore required until they expand to an online option, but is definitely worth the trip.

Fondest Regards,




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