The Classic Cool of Zac Efron


Zac Efron has been on the tween scene since his 2006 debut in Disney’s High School Musical. After a successful trilogy with the hugely successful franchise, Efron has since broken off into more dramatic movie roles such as 2010’s Charlie St Cloud and 2012’s The Paperboy. Just a few months away from his 27th birthday, this hollywood heartthrob show’s no sign of slowing down.


Shown here on the streets of NYC, his ability to layer and accessorize is spot on. Most celebrities tend to rely a lot on the help of a stylist to get ready for events and premieres, while not caring as much when it comes to their every day style. Zac has had a solid grip on his street style for many years now and is rarely seen not looking put together.

Fotor0926195156 (580x435)

When it comes to layering, attention to the smaller details can me very important. To the rolling of the cuff or the buttoning of a shirt, Zac clearly takes into account what makes an outfit work before stepping out the door.


Whether it be the streets, getting off a plane or walking the red carpet, Zac Efron is one of the youngest male style icons of today and is a true example of great American style. You can see Zac in his new film Neighbors which is in theaters now.

– Jamie


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