Let’s Hear It For The Bag


I recently put a spotlight on Coach’s Bleecker Day Tote and how it is a hot bag to look for this season. Today I wanted to touch base on the mens bag in general. European men have always seemed to embrace the fashionable accessory for some time now, while American men seem to think of it as too feminine. This post is going to feature the different types of mens bags that can be used on different occasions.


The Canvas Bag:

Spring and Summer weather call for materials that won’t damage in the sun. Canvas offers durability while being lightweight. Brands like Fossil, H&M, Coach and Banana Republic have great canvas choices this season worth checking out. Try looking for canvas totes with leather handles! It gives the bag a touch of sophistication. We all know that never hurt anyone.


The Messenger:

If you are wanting a bag that can go from season to season, it’s best to invest in a leather or coated canvas messenger. Best for the on-the-go man, the messenger can be carried by a handle or cross-body strap. Messengers have been used by men for many years and the tradition needs to live on!



Don’t be afraid to try something new, guys. Investing in a good seasonal bag is something worth doing.

– Jamie


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