Stay Classic with the Wayfarer


I firmly believe that the Ray-Ban Wayfarer is the number one most versatile brand of sunglasses of all time. I purchased a pair of Tortoise shell Wayfarers over 4 years ago and they have been the one pair that go with basically everything in my closet. They frame the face perfectly and just give a classic feel of sophistication and timeless style.

Ray-Bans have been produced since the 1950’s and hit a bit of a revival in the 2000’s. Ray Ban Wayfarers took advantage of new plastics technology early on and was one of the first eyewear companies to switch from metal frames to plastic.


Many celebrities are also seen sporting around the classic frames around Hollywood and New York City. One of my favorite couples Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, rock them on the streets together all the time. They are reasonably priced at around $150 and are incredibly durable. My personal opinion is to get them in both black and tortoise shell to be able to rock them during all occasions.


So do yourself a favor this season and go out to any Sunglass Hut or Macy’s store and grab yourself a piece of iconic eyewear.

– Jamie



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