Disney’s Newsies on Broadway: The Original American Dappers


Released as “The News Boys” in the UK, Disney released the movie musical The Newsies in 1992. Flash forward to 2011, Disney Theatrical Productions decided to do a limited run of Newsies at Paper Mill Playhouse in New Jersey before officially opening at Broadways Nederlander Theatre in March of 2012. The success of Newsies: The Musical blew away everyones expectations with ticket sales going through the roof and thus resulted in an open ended run as of today.


Now some may wonder, what’s so fashionable about a bunch of rag tag rascals pushing newspapers in 1899? The boys of newsies inspired a dapper sense of fashion with spotlighting accessories and attention to detail! Everything from vests, hats, light scarves, suspenders and cuffing of pants, the boys of Newsies have influenced street style all over the world.


This look is very simple to achieve with trips Top Man, H&M, Zara, Banana Republic and Aldo. You don’t need to break the bank for the entire ensemble. I’d say the shoes, vests and suspenders are where the focus should be and follow it up with some nice button-ups, socks and classic news boy cap.

Want to be inspired in person? You can get tickets to see Disney’s Newsies: The Musical by clicking here.

Currently running at Broadways Nederlander Theatre



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