The Great Style of Gatsby


The 1920’s was a time for great decadence, lavish parties and incredible style. Men and women took great pride in looking their best and showing it off as often as possible. In 1925, author F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote a novel called The Great Gatsby. Gatsby told the story of a mysterious millionaire and his obsession over the lovely Daisy Buchanan. Only selling 20,000 copies it’s first year, Fitzgerald considered the book a failure and died thinking that in 1940. It had a revival during WW2 and is now considered one of the few great american novels.


Gatsby has been adapted to screen a total of 6 times and inspired huge trends in the fashion world as of late. In 2013 director Baz Luhrmann brought the most glamorous adaptation of the story to life. Inspired by Luhrmanns vision, Brooks Brothers did an entire exclusive line based on the fashions from the movie.


You can get the 1920’s Gatsby look with these key items.

  • One toned or striped button-ups
  • relaxed cotton chinos
  • bow ties
  • Two tone brogues
  • double breasted cardigans
  • pinstripe suit
  • suspenders



In the end, this style isn’t just about wearing the clothes. You need to have the confidence and cool that the gentlemen had in the “Roaring” twenties. The trends of the past are back and I am ready to embrace it in the present and future.

“Can’t repeat the past?…Why of course you can!”
― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby



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