The Amazing Andrew Garfield


Born in LA but raised in Surrey, Andrew Garfield was thrown into the world’s spotlight after landing a supporting role in 2010’s The Social Network. All of the attention got the young actor many covers of leading men’s fashion magazines such as GQ and Details. Riding the career high, Andrew scored the largest role of his career as lead for the reboot in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Andrew Garfield

Andrew is a fitted Gucci suits dream and rocks some incredible looks on the red carpet. He is never afraid of embracing bold color when it comes to his suit choices. He has been seen in shades of maroon, red, blue and black at his most recent openings and award show appearances.


Since 2011, Andrew has made a splash on the Hollywood scene with his high profile romance to incredibly stunning Spider-Man co-star Emma Stone. Arm in arm, they both dominate the red carpet with amazing fashion choices that always compliment each other. You can catch Andrew and Emma together in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, in theaters now.

– Jamie



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