How the Dapper Man Dresses for a Job Interview


One of my favorite things to do is help a friend get ready for something. I had a friend need my advice on his outfit for a job interview that he had the next day and I showed up with a few pairs of shoes and shirts to work some magic. It got me inspired to write some helpful tips for the man who needs some assistance getting ready for a stressful job interview.


1. Neat Hair


2. Shave – This depends on the type of job you are going for. Some places allow it and some don’t. If you chose to keep your facial hair, try and keep the neck clean and shaped.


3. Always wear some type of button up. Seriously, I’m not kidding. It shows that you care and make sure it is either a solid color or a pattern that compliments the outfit.


4. A nice fitted pair of dark wash denim or pressed dress pants. Like I said before, depending on the job and situation, dark wash denim can be totally acceptable.


5. TUCK IN YOUR SHIRT. No excuses.


6. Wear a tie or bow tie. It’s always a great idea.


7. Get a manicure. Jagged and or dirty nails will always be noticed.


8. Wear a nice belt. It’s all in the details.


9. Keep accessories to a minimum. A nice watch is the most you’ll really need.


10. Don’t wear too much cologne. You don’t want to knock someone out.


11. Make sure your shoes are as clean as possible. Don’t forget those wing tips!



I hope these tips help you on your next job interview!


– Jamie


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