Fly High with Wingtips


99e14d_8dee276bd56955bc08567efe38a7fc16The wingtip has been around for many years in the United States as the most popular style of Brogue shoe. It’s classic flair and attention to detail has kept it in the closets of many across the world for some time. Many top designers have taken it upon themselves to add a unique twist to the famous accessory by producing them in an assortment of colors and exciting patterns. Cole Haan (being one of my personal favorites) is known for their incredible spin to the wingtip and released a line with many different colored soles.

660799823_o 1791713-p-MULTIVIEW I believe every man should own at least one brown and one black pair and should take proper care of them if you decide to invest in a more pricey brand. It’s ability to transform the most simple of outfits is why it will always remain my favorite style of shoe.

The wingtip can be worn year round through basically any season. Try wearing it with denim or khakis for the warmer days of the year and switch to corduroy during winter months.

Here are a few brands I’d recommend checking out for a great pair of wingtips.

1. Cole Haan 

2. Ben Sherman

3. Tricker’s for Sophnet

4. Zappos (It’s not a brand, but they have incredible brand selections and amazing prices)


– Jamie


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