The Power of Paisley

Heritage Paisley Blazer - Indigo

The paisley print has been making a bold statement over the world since the late 18th century with each country bringing it’s own fashionable interpretation. It twisted teardrop presence as been seen over runways throughout the years and has once again come on the scene for the dapper man.

Here are a few ways to you can style yourself in paisley

  • Start off with a tie or pocket square to give your suit a little life
  • Printed shorts are big this season and paisley is a great way to go
  • A printed button-up or button-down
  • The classic paisley dress sock is always stylish in my book
  • For the daring and fashionable gent, try bolder pieces like a jacket or robe like seen below



It can seem a intimidating, but don’t be afraid to embrace a pattern change this season!

– Jamie


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