The Grey Area


        Haven’t we all been a bit overwhelmed with finding that perfect color for a living space or choosing a shade that isn’t shocking and has the right amount of sophistication? It took a few hits and misses before I finally found a color that seemed to combine that feel of sexy, cool and mature all in one.

        Grey isn’t just for Mother Dear anymore, gentlemen. Grey walls are becoming increasingly popular without coming across dreary and melancholy. You have many options as far as the tone of grey you could be more comfortable with. If you want to see how it makes you feel, try an accent wall. For someone who knows they like grey, try doing parallel walls. It makes your room seem longer and can help open up those cramped city apartments.

dark grey in the bedroom masculine design

           White walls look sterile and are honestly, boring. Once your space has been painted, accent the room with color. Pick a tone that represents you. I decided to accent with unique patterned bedding and curtains with monochromatic blues. Someone wanting something with more of a “pop”, try accents of orange or yellow. I promise it’s a decision you are not likely to regret.

– Jamie

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