A Spring Prints Review


After many months of being wrapped up in layer upon layer of winter clothing, we are finally ready to embrace the bold and much needed fashions of spring. American fashion trends tend to stay with what is classic and does not venture drastically from the year prior. This spring brings us tropical prints and rich but muted color while neon’s and pastels have taken a back seat.

We are seeing floral prints in a new way this season and it’s strong without being over the top. A way you can embrace this trend is a layering a floral printed dress shirt underneath a fitted blazer or even a printed necktie. You don’t always need something overly distracting to make a fashion statement.


There are some colors I will say surprised me a bit when they hit the runway last winter. Shades of turquoise, orange and yellow were featured in many collections and they were not offensive to the eye as one would assume. When paired the right way, orange can be a great accent to any wardrobe. If you are ever hesitant, try starting with accessories.

For those of you who are open to change and like to experiment with new trends, go out and purchase a pair of printed trousers. Hawaiian prints and tropical themes are big this spring and it is my personal favorite way to welcome the warmer weather.

– Jamie


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