How to Pull off a Pink Blazer

The pink blazer is arguably the most tricky item for a dapper gentleman to wear. If done correctly, the pink blazer can be an elegant choice, instantly conjuring up images of luxurious lunches on yachts and afternoon cocktail parties in the Hamptons. If worn carelessly, the pink blazer is reminiscent of a church Easter egg hunt.

pink blazer

Here are several rules to follow when considering a pink jacket:

1. Consider the Season: A pink blazer is only appropriate in the spring or summer months, as it pairs well with airy, casual dress. This color is not meant to be covered by a heavy winter jacket.

2. Consider the Event: Formal events typically call for darker colors, so a pink blazer is not the right choice for a corporate event. Weddings are the exception, but if you are considering this jacket for a wedding, see rule #1.

3. Be mindful of other colors: Pink blazers look good with muted colors, patterns, and shades. A subtle seersucker pattern is always appropriate, as is a navy stripe, but a pink blazer should never be paired with bright, garish colors, as it is statement enough on its own.

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