A Gentleman’s Accessories: My Sunglasses, Pocket Square, and Silver Cigar Case

As any gentleman knows, the secret to a well put together ensemble lies within the adornment of details. A man’s accessories help to create a fuller picture of his personal style, so I always pay special attention to the smaller parts of the whole. Three easy items that I cannot live without are a handsome pair of sunglasses, a pocket square, and a cigar case.
gentlemans accessories
Glasses are a worthy investment because they are often the first thing a person sees when you interact during daylight hours. I prefer a pair of moderately priced shades such as these by Polo, because they are just expensive enough that you appreciate the quality, however not so expensive that you will regret it if you leave them in a cab.

A pocket square, as you may well know, is an easy way to take your jacket just one step further. Pocket squares are probably the simplest detail that you can add at the last moment for the most amount of impact.

Monograms are especially elegant when etched into silver accessories. Though I don’t smoke that often, one of my favorite pieces is my monogrammed silver cigar case. I often bring it to my dinners, as you never know when you may be invited for an after-dinner cigar with colleagues.


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