How to Ascertain the Quality of a Shoe by the Leather

A quality leather shoe is always a good investment. Quality is of course, subjective and thus it is important to know the difference between a nice looking leather shoe, and one made of quality materials. There are several ways to tell, however, which I have listed below.

quality leather shoe
Coloration: Quality leather shoes are tanned in such a way that they feature a rich warmth in color. Many times this manifests as a gradient of shades, as with the double strap monks above.
Stitching: The stitches in high quality shoes are a sign of craftsmanship, and thus should appear evenly spaced and perfectly sewn. Aside from durability, the stitches in a pair of well-made shoes have aesthetic value, as well as function.
Soles: With a pair of quality shoes, the leather upper is often stitched to the sole, as opposed to glued. Stitching under the sole of a shoe is considered a sign of proper construction.

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