Rules for choosing the Perfect Trench Coat

Trench coats are such a popular men’s staple because they are practical and stylish, regardless of whether they are fashioned of water-proof material or wool garbadine. Originally designed by Thomas Burberry, trench coats fell out of fashion for a while, however have recently made a resurgence and now come in many different cuts and colors.

american dapper trench coats

With so many choices it can become tricky to choose the correct one, so I have created a few rules to follow, to assure you achieve the best fit and form possible:
Length– A proper trench length should fall just above the knee. Any longer and you may have to steer clear of grade schools, or risk being apprehended by the police for acting suspicious.
Belts– Belted trenches should only be tied at the front if you are slim. If you have a wider frame, tie your coat in the back to avoid unnecessary bulkiness.
Buttons– Trench coats look the best buttoned all the way up with the collar turned up. If you must add a scarf, knot it loosely over the collar.
Fabric– For lighter styles, choose a waterproof cotton or poplin. If you are looking for a winter trench, a wool is ever the classic choice. Structured fabrics tend to hang on one’s frame far better, and emphasize all the proper attributes.
As with anything, choose a style that excites you personally and don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks.
trench coats american dapper

Cotton Garbadine- Burberry- $2,195

trench coats american dapper

Topman Double Breasted Wool- $180

trench coats american dapper

Topman Cropped Trench- $140

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