Three Functional Decor Accents I Cannot Live Without

I have always believed that a house does not become a home until it is decorated. This, of course extends to apartments as I don’t personally know of any actual houses on the island of Manhattan. Decorating your personal space is the best way to create an atmosphere for your personal style, however it is also very important to think about function. Here are three decorative accents that you may add to your interior that not only look great, yet serve a purpose as well:
dapper home accents
A stocked bar– I am sure you will agree that any dapper gentleman looks that much more stylish with a drink in his hand. Thus, keeping a stocked bar lends an air of elegance to your space, and also serves as social lubrication. For an added refined look, keep your more exclusive liquors in crystal decanters.

dapper home accents

Candles– Candles serve as both a decorative accent, and a great way to add mood and ambiance to your atmosphere. My favorite is manufactured by the company Acqua Di Parmi, because it is high quality, provides a decent burning time and amount of ambient light, and features an embossed crest which I think adds a hint of sophistication in and of itself. One hint is to burn all new candles for at least 30 minutes as soon as you get them home. This will release the scents from their oils into the air, and immediately establish them as functional elements, as opposed to superficial window decorations.

dapper home accents
Fresh Flowers– I tend to love fresh cut flowers in my apartment because they illustrate the effort and care I put into maintaining my space. They are both nice to look at, and also give off a pleasant fragrance as well, so I often place them in oft-unthought of places such as the bathroom or the kitchen.

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