The Staple for Any Modern Gentleman: The Dress Loafer

The dress loafer/slipper is an underrated version of dress shoe as it combines the ease and elegance of a slipper, but the formal style of a dress shoe.

dress loafer slippers

In recent years the dress loafer has become a very popular trend amongst the stylish as it can be worn with either jeans or trousers. Typically these slippers come with elegant embellishments such as tassles, embroidery, or my particular favorite, my monogrammed initial. As you can see, I own several pairs, each with their own distinct look.

I tend to wear my dress loafers on almost all occasions.  They are useless in the rain or cold weather, however for the summer they are just perfect.  The Example below are from my favorite store in Madrid (Bow Tie) and I simply cant wear them enough with the rain stays away!

dress loafer slippers

dress loafer slippers

Finally my corporate staple!  Gucci loafers never disappoint and go perfectly with any formal suit.  If you are seeing to a day in the office they add a delightful flair to a corporate boy or can be perfect for a sharp weekend look!


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