Luxury Accessories: The Travel Shoe Shine Kit by Horchow

From being a very young boy I have always been told a gentleman should have the following:

–        Well shined shoes

–        Well groomed hair
A polishing kit is an absolute must for any gentleman.  This luxury shoe shine kit by Horchow comes with all the essentials a man may need to keep his shoes polished and shiny, and will help you put your best foot forward whilst traveling, in a manner of speaking.

One of the amenities I love about New York is the affordability and access to shoe shiners all over the city, unique in my experience to America and rarely found in Europe.

luxury shoe shine kit

Although I love nothing more than to sit and peruse the Wall Street Journal whilst having a professional tend to my oxfords, it isn’t always timely or feasible. A travel shoe shine kit can be a luxury for a jet-setting corporate man, and a life-saver for last minute touch ups.

Key tip: one of the widely available services in hotels (tremendously underused) is the shoe shine services which is always overlooked.  Next time you are travelling you must ensure you arrive for every event looking fresh and remember, that in any decent hotel it is complimentary!

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