The Rules of Wearing Colored Pants During Winter

As a Northern European, colored pants are often reserved for the winter due to our bloody awful weather.  One of many elements I am grateful for living in New York is the fact that we receive delightfully sunny days even during the colder months.  Therefore, living in America, colored pants are just as well suited for winter and well as spring and summer.

colored pants during winter

The key to wearing colored pants is paying attention to the remaining elements of your outfit.  Color is always important in fashion, however you must not crowd it.  If you are taking the leap and wearing yellow pants (for example) then the rest of your outfit must be understated.  Blue and white are always a good choice and will not crowd your pants.  Take the plunge and wear colored trousers at any opportunity over the winter when the sun is shining and the skies are clear.

Photos by Gary Adrian Randall


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