How should a Gentleman Shave?

Any gentleman must have a shaving brush and razor in his collection.  I find it a most perfect gift for those with a taste for luxury and something you can use and treasure (potentially) for a life time.

If the act of shaving is as personally important to you as getting a clean shave, then it stands to reason that you should take care to invest in your grooming implements. A handmade shaving stand is an excellent way to care for your straight razors and badger brush, while also adding aesthetic value to your washroom.  Many of the options can be design objects in and of themselves.  I personally do not need to use a cut throat razor as I find it hard to grow a beard!

wood shave stand

Walnut and Cherry-$79

Shaving stands vary in price remarkably and the key is that you don’t need to spend the national debt!  You can find very attractive shaving stands online for a reasonable price, such as the handcrafted wooden options featured in this post.
Implements like this can take the act of shaving from a daily nuisance to a cherished ritual, and are worth the minor investment.

If you already own one, remember that it makes the perfect gift for the special gentleman in your life!

wood shave stand

Solid Walnut-$76

wood shave stand

Solid Cherry with Padauk- $69
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