The Lost Art of Writing with a Fountain Pen

A fountain pen is the sign of any gentleman.  As a junior lawyer I once offered my fountain pen to a senior partner of the firm ‘currently interning’ and received the following reply ‘my dear boy, you should never share your nib’ (English for fountain pen).  Hence, the fountain pen is a personal accessory and one that should be chosen carefully.  As with anything in life the cost of pens can vary remarkably and as I often say you do not need to spend a fortune.

I have always found writing with a fountain pen to be a very luxurious ritual. As we all know, every facet of a man’s appearance makes up his personal style, including the implements he chooses to work with. Although it is something of a lost art, electing to use a fountain pen is a small detail that can add a lot of impact to your personal style and personage as a modern dapper gentleman with an appreciation for tradition.

fountain pens

I personally find fountain pens preferable to ball point options for several reasons:

  • Fountain pens train your hand to write with lighter pressure, making them less tiring to your hand, they allow for a steady flow, hence writing is not only more legible, but more attractive.
  • Although fountain pens require a slightly more costly investment upfront, they are refillable and repairable, and thus last longer.
  • A good pen will last you many years, and can even become a family heirloom to be passed to your children one day, thus it is absolutely worth the price for a quality piece.

I always love the personal advertising method of Patek Philippe ‘ You simply look after a Patek for the next generation’ ingenious marketing and the same can be true of your nib (for a true English Man).

fountain pens

Montblanc Meisterstück Gold-Plated Black Resin- $915

fountain pens

Sagaris Gold- $90

fountain pens

The Winston Tortoiseshell $848

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