Three Aspects of Elegant Masculine Interior Design

masculine interior design

A man’s atmosphere is an extension of his personal style, and must be designed accordingly. I find that having sophisticated taste in fashion tends to lend itself to design and decor, however I can also appreciate that designing your interior space is entirely different than designing an elegant statement piece. As men, we want a masculine energy in our decor, yet we still crave a sense of intelligent design. To that end, here are three simple rules to live by when decorating your space, to help you create an inviting atmosphere that echoes your style.

Lighting– Lighting is one of the most important elements to an interior design. When designing a lighting concept you should note that the light should be soft enough to create an atmosphere, yet strong enough that you won’t go blind, should you stay up late reading War and Peace. Consider varied light sources, such as table lamps, floor lamps, and fixtures combined, and play with the positions.  As far as style goes, the easiest way to create a masculine, yet tasteful lighting solution is to lean towards industrial fixtures. You can find such fixtures for a moderate price at places Restoration Hardware and West Elm.

masculine interior design


Furniture– Black leather is often thought of as a typical masculine material, however I find it can be a bit garish and overdone. To achieve an understated masculine look, search for furniture in fine-grained wood, brown leather, and taupe canvas. There is nothing more comfortable than a fine, aged brown leather sofa, and taupe canvas materials balance the strength of the leather and pair well with modern implements.

I am always at home in an armchair and the French Vintage Louis XIV below is a delight for any man!

masculine interior design

masculine interior design

Accessories- I believe that every well-designed interior should blend the old with the new, thus antique markets are an excellent place to find interesting accessories for your design. The age of these artifacts create a conversation on their own, and blend well with modern furniture and appliances, if placed thoughtfully around a room. These bottles with foxed labels would make excellent fodder for a bookshelf, and the frames below create an easy wall decoration without much effort.

I am lucky to have a job that sends me all over the world.  I often pick up small vintage pieces for my apartment.  They add style and always bring back interesting memories every time you are asked about them!

masculine interior design

masculine interior design

When used together, these three easy tips should help you create an elegant interior with a masculine edge, and a great place to entertain guests.

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