How to Choose the Appropriate Pocket Square

pocket squares, american dapper

It should be written in the rulebook of the dapper gentleman that a pocket square is a necessity for any blazer for almost all occasions. I personally choose to wear a pocket square at all times because I feel that it adds a stylish element to a blazer, and differentiates a well-dressed man from the typical sea of navy blazers you may encounter.

Pocket squares come with many price tags and the key is you don’t need to spend that much!  I personally have my tailor make squares when I have shirts made from the same fabric.  This way you get a perfect match to your shirt at a $25 price tag!

One of my personal favorite stores is Massimo Dutti and they often make the lining of the breast pocket on their blazers a pocket square.  Hence, an easy cheat is to just pull the lining of your pocket inside out to achieve the look with minimal fuss.

If you are able however, a pocket square can take your jacket to another level of style. Here are the two rules to choosing an appropriate pocket square.

pocket squares, american dapper


This is a Massimo Dutti example of a built in pocket square.  This is a perfect spotty pocket square look for a causal linen jacket.  Perfect for daytime shopping in the summer.

The daytime key is to have a triangle style square rather than the more formal straight option.

american dapper michael southern pocket square



The key to a formal pocket square is to ensure it matches your shirt.  Hence White shirt equals white pockets square.  This provides a clean and crisp look for a formal event.  You should never arrange your square into a triangle for a formal event (with the potential exception of black tie).


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