Which Pair of Winter Gloves Should You Buy, and Why?

black leather gloves

Your hands are your touchstone to the world, hence it is vital that you care for them accordingly.  I have previously referred to the impact one makes when removing their sunglasses to speak with someone.  Removing your glove to offer a hand shake makes a profound impact.  Shaking hands happens in everyday life many times and I feel confident in saying that less than 10% of gentlemen remove their glove for a personal contact (try it and see the impact).

In New York we had our first taste of snow recently, hence it isn’t unreasonable to start thinking about how we are going to mask our hands from the inclement weather this season. A fine pair of leather gloves are a great investment to make if you are the sort of man who is fastidious enough to keep track of them, yet many men might not want to spend an exorbitant amount of money on an accessory they are likely to lose. Here are several options for the winter to keep your hands warm, and your wallet content.

black leather winter glovesCashmere lined black leather by Gucci $475

black leather winter gloves

Stitch-detailed leather gloves by Ben Sherman- $65

black leather gloves

Simon Carter contrast gloves-$136

black leather winter gloves

Leather touchscreen gloves for use with mobile devices- $59

black leather winter gloves

Perforated Leather driving gloves by Aspinal of London- $169

I personally need to replace my gloves on an annual basis as one of each pair I own ends up on the seat of a cab or in some random club!  I would always suggest having two pairs, black and brown as the two colors will allow you to mix your gloves with almost any attire.  I would always recommend the less expensive options giving my retention rate!

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