Gentleman’s Accessory Review: Tateossian Cobra Bracelet

tateossian cobra bracelet

Whilst I feel these are exceptional pieces of fashion, one must wear them in the correct setting.  While it may seem strange, men’s accessories are rather more limited than women’s. A solid timepiece can anchor many a man’s attire perfectly and you can rarely go wrong.   If you are looking for something a bit more casual, and the setting is correct a bracelet is a very viable option.

I do find that wearing such accessories in a business context are always a challenge.  I would always keep these in your collection for casual attire as wearing them with a formal suit rarely works and can often send the wrong message.

This Tateossian Cobra Bracelet is an elegantly understated piece with braided leather straps and a rhodium-plated clasp. It comes in black, teal, and brown so it won’t look out of place with any outfit, and it is simple enough to work with a casual or dressy look. Available at Nordstrom online.

There are many other suppliers out there and I would always suggest experimentation with such accessories.

tateossian cobra bracelet

tateossian cobra bracelet[ via ]


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