The Origin of the Wingtip Shoe

origin of wing tipped shoe

When it comes to footwear, the wingtip is a classic style of shoe and a must-have piece for any dapper gentleman’s collection. The style is very distinct, and typically includes a leather, perforated wing-tip in leather, and an inlay of either leather, suede, or canvas. I have often found myself wondering where this style of shoe originated, thus I did a bit of research in the name of expanding my knowledge.

Originally called a brogue shoe, the wing-tip is a low-heeled shoe or boot characterized by multiple-piece sturdy leather uppers with decorative perforations including serrated edges. The shoe originated in the bogs of Scotland, as the perforations allowed for water to drain when crossing a wet terrain. Brogues were originally considered outdoor or country footwear, and thus have made an incredible journey from the bogs of Scotland to the boardrooms of today.

wing tip shoe

Edward Green Wingtip available HERE

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