A Travel Must: Distinguished Travel Kits

leather travel kit

Available here.

As a frequent traveler one hurdle to traveling in style is the need to be practical.  In most cases we are unable to take our grip and pack all the lotions and potions a modern man needs to maintain his polished appearance.   The challenges of global terror force us to limit ourselves to less than 100ml per item.  As we are limited in size the next requirement in efficiency and organization.  When it comes to the jet-set lifestyle, there is no better way to stay organized than with a distinguished toiletry bag.

We invest a great deal in proper shaving accoutrements and attractive colognes, as well as other day-to-day toiletries to keep us looking sharp, so it only stands to reason that we should invest in a handsome travel kit as well. Here are several options to complement any gentleman’s lifestyle as he travels the world.

All of these options add style and vary in price and quality.  Whilst you can take a trip to Hermes or Louis Vuitton at the higher end, a good leather high street option is perfectly practical and always durable.

A word of caution, fabric bags do not work well when items leak, leather is a much more durable option.  Although more expensive, it is false economy considering how often items expand and contract during the pressure of the aircraft travel.

mens travel kit

Available here.

mens travel kit

Available here.

mens travel kit

Available here.

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