Featured Fall Shoe: Leather Wing Tip

As the leaves start to change, we must start thinking about how to edit and append our wardrobe to accommodate the changing temperatures. This fall, the shoe that every gentleman must acquire (pull from the closet/wardrobe) is the leather wing tip. The wing tip is durable and a timeless piece of fashion available in many colors (burgundy shown below).

burgundy leather wing tip

Available here.

While it will most likely never be appropriate for a formal event to take the burgundy option, it is a daring choice for many other occasions, from semi-formal to casual. Any time you wear a non-traditional leather color however, you must remember that the guidelines change:

As a general rule, you never want to pair burgundy shoes with shades of brown, but should rather stick to navy, black, or grey.

Be mindful to match your belt accordingly, as the burgundy shoe can come in many shades from dark wine to a rosy tint.

Whilst this article considers the more flamboyant wing tip option, don’t forget the compatibility of the more convention al color options in this style for almost any look.

Your next question may be in regards to locating the perfect burgundy leather wing-tip. Here are several suggestions to find the right shoe to carry you through fall in style.

burgundy leather wing tip

Available here.

burgundy leather wing tip

Available here.

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