How to Wear a Bold Printed Jacket

Statement pieces are a very important part of any man’s wardrobe, however choosing the right ones can be a little daunting. By far, the easiest way to make a splash is with your jacket, so if you are in the mood to make a particularly loud statement, one option is to go with a coat with a bold print.

bold print blazer

If I am playing with loud patterns, I try and choose one stand-out piece and plan the rest of my ensemble as a complement. This look can be accomplished if you abide by the following rules:

A crisp white shirt is always the perfect complement to a bold printed jacket, because it adds a classic element to the look without overpowering the pattern.

Secondary pieces, such as v-neck sweaters can be used to alter the tone of your look. For instance if you want to tone down a loud navy print, choose a muted color such as burgundy or cream. If you want to take it further, opt for a contrasting color such as yellow or orange.

Choose brown shoes over black. Brown shoes will add a sophistication and elegance to a loud pattern, whereas black can often create too stark a contrast.


bold print blazer

via Jil Sander $994

bold print blazer

via Zara $99

[ via ]


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