The Four Kinds of Plaid, and How to Wear Them

Though different styles of tartan have come and gone in regards to stylishness, the plaid fad is one that has stood the test of time.

different kinds of plaid

Now more than ever we are seeing more of this geometric pattern on the runways and the streets, so if you are thinking of adding a few signature plaid patterns to your repertoire, you may as well educate yourself on the variety of your options:

different kinds of plaid

Checked Plaid- The key to wearing checked plaid is to juxtapose the pattern with another plaid on your shirt. Be mindful that the frames of plaid should be different sizes, i.e. if your jacket has smaller checks, opt for larger patterns on your shirt and vice-versa. Treat a checked plaid jacket like a solid pattern, and you can do no wrong.

different kinds of plaid

Windowpane- Only recently back in style, windowpane plaid looks best when surrounded by smaller-scale patterns, such as a striped shirt paired with a sensibly embroidered tie.

different kinds of plaid

HoundsTooth- Generally regarded as a youthful style, houndstooth plaid looks best paired with casual denim jeans and a more dressed-up shoe,  such as a monkstrap.

different kinds of plaid

Blanket Plaid- This large-scale wool plaid looks best when complemented by confidence. This means a bold tie, and secondary prints are completely acceptable.

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