How to Choose the Right Pea Coat

how to choose a pea coat

Well I must start this article with my British hat on.  I recently had an experience with a friend who wanted some advice on buying a new coat.  I must admit this the first time I have ever heard the expression ‘Pea Coat’.  This is an American word that I have never heard of from a British fashion perspective.  London or New York, one learns new words every day.

On to the Pea coat:

Autumn truly is the season of the pea coat. Few other coats feature as much versatility, and if you choose the correct one you will be able to wear it with a variety of different looks, whether you throw it over a jacket for dining out, or layer it with a sweater for a casual daytime outing. There is, of course a right and wrong way to wear a pea coat however, so the following tips should help you achieve the perfect fall look.

Layering: You should always treat a pea coat as an outer layer. Maintain clean lines by tucking any accessories such as scarves and ties beneath the jacket.

Length: The ideal length for a pea coat should fall just below the hips and rear. Excessively long pea coats lose their shape, while shorter jackets add weight to your frame.

Buttoning: Pea coats were meant to be buttoned, as it maintains a clean line. To keep the shape, the rows should be spaced evenly down the torso and trunk.

Sizing: Always wear the smallest size you can, as the benefit of wearing a pea coat is to create a cinched look. Be mindful of the sleeve length however, and don’t be afraid to visit a good tailor if the need arises.

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